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Recognizing and Preventing Driving While Drowsy

 Posted on March 24,2017 in Car Accidents

drowsy driving, Plainfield car accident lawyerDid you know that 24 hours of sustained wakefulness has the same impairment on your driving skills as having a 0.10 percent blood alcohol content? While there are not the same laws in place for drowsy driving as there are for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, both are risky actions that can cause accidents with serious injuries.


Studies show drowsy driving accidents most frequently:

  • Occur between midnight and 6 a.m. or in mid-afternoon.
  • Involve a male driving alone who drifts out of his lane or off the road.

Teens and young adults are particularly susceptible to drowsy driving because of inconsistent sleep schedules. However, adults that work long hours or multiple jobs are also vulnerable.

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2016 Saw a Record Number of Fatal Car Accidents in Illinois

 Posted on March 10,2017 in Car Accidents

2016 Saw a Record Number of Fatal Car Accidents in IllinoisBad news for drivers: car accident fatality rates in Illinois rose to their highest levels in years in 2016. Last year, there were a reported 1,055 deaths on Illinois roads. This is the first time since 2008 that the number of fatalities has risen over 1,000.

In 2008, there were 1,043 roadway fatalities. In 2009, there were 911 fatalities reported. This was the first time this figure was under 1,000 since 1921. In recent years, the death toll has crept up. In 2014, 924 fatalities were reported, and in 2015, that number jumped to 998.

Nationwide, fatalities have been increasing in recent years. In 2015, there were 38,300 deaths, which was an 8 percent increase from 2014. This increase was the largest annual increase in 50 years.

Why Are Roadway Deaths Up?

The Illinois Department of Transportation believes there are several causes for this increase.

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5 Parties That May Be Liable for Your Truck Accident Besides the Driver

 Posted on February 24,2017 in Truck Accidents

b2ap3_thumbnail_truck-accidents.jpgWhen you get into a truck accident, your first instinct may be to accuse the driver as the party at fault. This is a logical thought, and often the driver is all or partially at fault.

Drivers may have been driving fatigued or otherwise not adhering to state and federal trucking regulations. However, drivers are not the only party that can be at fault. For example, if the truck accident was caused by defective brakes the company who manufactured the brakes or the business that inspected the brakes during a maintenance check may also be responsible.

There are many types of entities that may be responsible for your truck accident including:

  1. Truck carrier company. The company could have negligently hired the driver or failed to supervise him or her. The company could have promoted breaking with state and federal regulations.

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When a Car Accident Victim Can Get Punitive Damages

 Posted on February 10,2017 in Car Accidents

When a Car Accident Victim Can Get Punitive DamagesPeople who have been injured in car accidents usually want to know how much an insurance company will pay them or how big of an award a jury is likely to give. This is a natural question and one that a skilled auto accident attorney can give after the facts of your case a reviewed.

When people are thinking about damages, many wonder if punitive damages can be awarded. Accident victims are typically aware that punitive damages are often large sums that can greatly increase the amount of a damage award or settlement.

What Are Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are rare, although they are appropriate in some circumstances. In a typical trial, an accident victim asks for compensatory damages. As the name suggests, compensatory means that the damages are awarded to compensate the victims.

Compensatory damages are made up of two categories: general and economic. Economic damages can be proven with hard numbers. For example, medical bills and lost wages are economic damages because the amount of those damages can be ascertained by looking at paperwork.

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Marijuana Decriminalization Could Lead to More Traffic Accidents

 Posted on January 25,2017 in Car Accidents

traffic accidents, Plainfield, IL car accident attorneyLast year Illinois decriminalized possession of marijuana in small amounts. Instead of facing jail time, people found carrying less than 10 grams of marijuana will be fined a maximum of $200. This new law could result in more accidents caused by drivers under the influence of marijuana.

Other States Have Seen a Spike in Accidents Involving Marijuana

States around the nation have decriminalized or legalized marijuana over the last few years. One such state is Washington, where marijuana was legalized. According to the American Automobile Association, the percentage of drivers in crashes with fatalities who were found to have traces of marijuana in their blood has increased 100 percent since marijuana was legalized in the state.

If Illinois is anything like Washington, drivers on the road will be at increased risk of getting in a car accident with someone under the influence of marijuana.

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True or False? Motorcyclists Can Recover Damages if Not Wearing a Helmet

 Posted on January 11,2017 in Motorcycle Accidents

Plainfield, IL motorcycle accident attorneys, motorcycle accident, recover damagesPeople may presume that if a motorcyclist is in a car accident, then he or she is responsible for his or her injuries, even if fault lies with another driver. Additionally, they may reason that the motorcyclist assumed the increased risk that comes with riding a motorcycle and that the motorcyclist should be responsible for his or her injuries.

This is not true. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault while on a motorcycle, you will likely be entitled to damages for your injuries. Motorcyclists have the same rights as motorists and passengers on the road.

Helmet Law in Illinois

Illinois is one of three states that does not require a helmet for motorcyclists. The other two states are Iowa and New Hampshire. Illinois does require that motorcyclists wear eye protection or that the bike has a windscreen.

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