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Plainfield Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Will County Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Kendall County Personal Injury Lawyer for Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents

A serious auto accident can drastically change your life in just a matter of seconds. Without warning, you could be left severely injured and even permanently disabled. It could be months or years before you are able to recover, if ever, and your quality of life may be significantly decreased. At Flaherty Law, LLC, we recognize the struggles that injured victims face as they attempt to put their lives back together. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, we want to help you.

Notable Case Result: $100,000 (policy) for a man who was rear-ended while on his motorcycle resulting in multiple vertebrae fractures. Read more.

Auto Accidents in Illinois

Hundreds of motor vehicle accidents occur on Illinois roadways every single day. While some may be minor fender-benders, others are much more serious, often causing injuries or fatalities. No matter how minor an accident may seem, however, the potential for injury is very real, as low-speed impacts can result in whiplash, lower back injuries, and soft tissue damage. More dramatic accidents can, of course, lead to broken bones, severe head or neck trauma, chest injuries, cuts, bruises, and contusions. The most serious motor vehicle accidents can even be deadly.

At Flaherty Law, LLC, we are equipped to help you after any type of auto accident. We routinely handle cases involving:

The circumstances of each case are entirely unique, and a full investigation into the accident is often necessary. We are committed to uncovering every available detail and piece of evidence in our effort to help you collect the damages you deserve. When appropriate, we will examine the accident site and damaged vehicles, review police reports and witness statements, and make every effort to reconstruct the accident as it occurred. We can then go to work in seeking compensation from any and all liable parties.

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With previous experience as a personal injury defense lawyer, Attorney Daniel Flaherty is familiar with the many ways in which insurance companies will attempt to minimize their liability. He will put that knowledge to use in building your case and will not be bullied into accepting a substandard settlement that fails to meet your needs. You deserve to collect compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other financial losses you may have suffered as the result of your injuries. We will continue to fight on your behalf until justice is served.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, put the experience of Flaherty Law, LLC on your side. Contact our office today to schedule your free initial consultation. We will evaluate your case, answer your questions, and help you understand your available options. The attorney you choose does make a difference, so call 815-577-7500 to get the top-quality legal representation you need. We proudly serve Will County, Cook County, Kane County, Kendall County, Lake County, and the surrounding city and suburban areas. We charge no fees unless you collect.

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