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How to Drive Safely and Avoid Car Accidents on Black Ice

Posted on January 11, 2018 in Car Accidents

Joliet winter car accident injury attorneyThe first months of the year are typically when the Chicago area and Will County experience the most frigid winter weather. Depending on the day, temperatures can range between 40 degrees and well below zero. With these drastic changes in temperature, it is very important for drivers to use extra caution on the road, since winter conditions can often lead to potentially fatal car accidents. One common culprit in winter car accidents is black ice, which can be very difficult to notice when driving in low temperatures.

The Dangers of Black Ice

Black ice forms when the temperature at a road’s surface is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This causes water on the road to freeze, creating slippery conditions that can be difficult to recognize. When black ice is present, pavement will appear to be slightly darker and duller than other road surfaces. If, when you are driving, the road looks wet, and the tires of the cars ahead of you do not spray water, then there is cause for concern.

Bridges, viaducts, and overpasses are greatly susceptible to black ice, as they are exposed on both the top and bottom, causing them to cool faster and allowing ice to form. Black ice also often forms in areas that are heavily shaded. Roads that are traveled more often, such as major highways and interstates, are less likely to form black ice than rural roads and residential areas.

What to Do When Driving in Black Ice

If you begin to lose control of your car on black ice, it is important to keep your foot off the gas pedal. Avoid hitting the brakes, since this can make you much more likely to skid out of control and strike another car, a pedestrian, or a roadside object.

The best way to navigate through black ice is to drive slowly. Even though it can be frustrating to drive below the speed limit during the snowy and icy winter months, it is better to take your time and avoid a potential car accident.

Contact a Plainfield Car Accident Lawyer

Not taking black ice seriously enough can cause a dangerous car accident, which can result in serious physical injury or even death. If you have been involved in a car accident caused by someone’s negligent driving in winter weather, Flaherty Law, LLC is ready to assist you with your case and help you obtain compensation for your damages. For a free initial consultation, please contact a Will County personal injury attorney today at 815-577-7500.


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