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Why Are Fatal Car Accidents Increasing in the United States?

 Posted on December 20,2023 in Car Accidents

Blog ImageIn recent years, the United States has seen a troubling rise in fatal car accidents. Despite advancements in vehicle safety technology and increased awareness campaigns, the number of deaths on American roads continues to climb. There are several factors that have contributed to this alarming trend. Following a car accident, people who have been injured or family members of a person who was wrongfully killed will need to understand their legal options, and they can do so with the help of an experienced attorney.

The Impact of Smartphone Use

The most significant increase in fatal car accidents involves pedestrians who are killed during the nighttime. Out of the more than 7,000 fatal pedestrian accidents that took place in 2021, around 75 percent of them occurred after sunset and before sunrise. While there are a number of potential reasons for this trend, the increased use of smartphones is likely to be a primary factor.

Many drivers admit to using their phones for activities such as texting or browsing social media while behind the wheel – behaviors that divert a person’s attention from safe driving. Distracted driving can be especially dangerous when driving at night due to limited visibility. Drivers who are not fully paying attention to the road will be more likely to fail to notice pedestrians. Reading emails, watching videos, or sending text messages while driving will significantly increase the likelihood of a fatal pedestrian accident or another type of dangerous car accident.

The Role of Dangerous Roads

Another contributing factor to the increasing number of fatal car accidents involves hazardous road conditions. When roads do not have safe sidewalks, crosswalks, or bicycle lanes, pedestrians may be forced to walk closer to traffic, and they may be struck by drivers who fail to drive safely. Fatal car accidents may also occur because of issues such as:

  • Poorly maintained infrastructure: Crumbling or damaged roads can pose significant threats. Drivers may lose control or collide with other vehicles or pedestrians when trying to avoid potholes or other hazards.

  • Lack of proper signs or traffic signals: Confusing or missing road signs can make it difficult for drivers to navigate roads safely, leading to potential accidents. Malfunctioning traffic signals or unsafe crosswalks can also lead to fatal pedestrian accidents or other dangerous collisions.

  • Inadequate lighting: Poorly illuminated roads can make it challenging for drivers to see pedestrians at night, increasing the risk of fatal accidents.

The Influence of Marijuana and Opioids

Another concerning trend contributing to the rise in fatal car accidents is the use of intoxicating substances by drivers. While drunk driving is an ongoing concern, driving while high on marijuana or opioid painkillers has become a more significant concern in recent years

Following the legalization of marijuana in Illinois, more drivers may use this drug prior to driving, and their ability to operate a vehicle safely may be affected. The use of opioid medications has also increased, and many people struggle with addictions to these drugs. Marijuana, opioids, or the combination of multiple substances can impair a person’s judgment, reaction time, coordination, and overall driving abilities. Intoxicated drivers will be much more likely to be involved in fatal collisions.

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