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When Can Car Accidents Be Caused by Improper Vehicle Maintenance?

 Posted on March 25,2022 in Car Accidents

Plainfield car accident lawyerSince driving is a common, everyday activity for many people, it can be easy to forget the dangers that motor vehicles can pose. Cars and trucks weigh several thousand pounds, and if drivers are not in complete control of a vehicle, they may collide with others, causing serious injuries and extensive property damage. While there are a variety of reasons why car accidents occur, vehicle maintenance is one issue that may receive less attention. Failure to perform regular maintenance and repairs can significantly impact a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely, and a driver may be held liable for accidents that took place because they did not keep their vehicle properly maintained.

Maintenance Issues That May Lead to Motor Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle maintenance can be an especially important issue during the winter. Even if a person took care to make sure a car was prepared for cold weather at the beginning of the winter, a vehicle may experience wear and tear during the winter months due to regular temperature changes, strong storms, and exposure to snow and ice. Some maintenance issues that can affect a person’s ability to drive safely include:

  • Worn or underinflated tires - Proper traction is crucial to ensure that a driver will be able to maintain control of a vehicle. If tire treads are worn down, a driver may be unable to slow down or stop when necessary, and they may not be able to avoid a collision. Tires that are not properly inflated can also affect a driver’s control, and cold weather can often lead to underinflated tires. Tire-related issues can be especially significant during the winter, since snow and ice on the roads can decrease traction. However, wet roads at any time of year may lead to increased stopping times. Failure to replace tires when necessary can cause a vehicle to be dangerous, and a vehicle owner may be liable for accidents that occur as a result.

  • Brake problems - Properly functioning brakes are essential, and brake failure is likely to cause dangerous collisions. Worn brake pads should be replaced, and any other issues that affect the functioning of brakes, such as brake fluid leaks, should be addressed promptly. Failure to maintain brakes may cause a driver to be unable to slow down or stop when necessary, leading to rear-end accidents or other types of collisions.

  • Malfunctioning wipers and defrosters - Drivers need to be able to see the road clearly. Windshield wipers that have not been replaced when necessary will be unable to clear water or snow effectively, limiting visibility. Windows may become fogged if heating and defrosting systems do not function correctly, further limiting a driver’s ability to see the road, respond to other vehicles, and avoid pedestrians or obstacles. Even though these issues may seem like minor inconveniences, a driver’s inability to view the road correctly can lead to dangerous accidents.

Contact Our Will County Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a collision that you believe was caused by a driver’s failure to properly maintain their vehicle, Attorney Dan Flaherty can help you take the correct steps to recover financial compensation. He can help you uncover evidence of a driver’s negligence, such as vehicle repair records. He will fight to make sure you will be fully compensated for the injuries and damages you have suffered. Contact our Plainfield auto accident lawyer at 815-577-7500 to arrange a free consultation.


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