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What Should I Do if a Pit Bull Has Attacked My Child? 

 Posted on November 30,2022 in Car Accidents

dupage county dog bite lawyerMillions of people are bitten by dogs every year in the United States. Most of these bites are accidents and require little or no medical treatment, while other bites are much more serious. Serious dog attacks are rare, but when the victim is a child, the consequences can be disastrous. It is essential to know what to do after a dog attacks your child, just as it is essential to retain the help of a knowledgeable Illinois dog bite injury lawyer. 

What to Do After a Dog Attack 

If your child has been attacked by a dog, the most important thing to do first is secure the medical care your child needs. Take careful photographs of your child’s injuries, both before and after treatment (as long as it is safe to do so - do not delay calling 911 to take photographs). Make sure you keep detailed records of your memories of the incident, and, if your child is prepared to talk about what happened, write down what they remember, too. Follow your doctor’s treatment guidelines for your child’s injuries carefully and keep all medical records. 

Once your child is safe, involve the police or animal control if you have not already done so. This is important, even if the dog is owned by a friend or family member. You will need a police report of the incident and, if the dog is roaming or wild, animal control will need to bring the dog into confinement. 

Pit Bulls Are Significantly More Likely to Cause Serious Injuries and Death

While defenders of pit bulls as gentle, loving dogs who deserve good homes are undoubtedly right most of the time, the research is very clear: Pit bulls are disproportionately responsible for the most serious and fatal mauling attacks, especially on children. While pit bulls advocates often say that pit bulls are difficult to identify, the average person does not have any difficulty seeing a dog and correctly identifying it as a pit bull. Pit bulls are dogs that have easily identifiable physical and behavioral characteristics and are broadly defined as a dog that is a member or a mix of the following breeds:  

  • American pit bull terrier

  • American staffordshire terrier

  • Staffordshire bull terrier

If it looks like a pit bull, it probably is, and if you are aware of a dangerous, aggressive, or defensive pit bull in your area, it is essential to take precautions, especially with small children. However, if an attack has already happened, it is important not to fail to report it or take action against the dog’s owner because of pity or concern for the pit bull breed. A dangerous dog is a dangerous dog, regardless of its breed, and if a dog is willing to attack your child, it could attack other children, too. 

Call a Will County Dog Attack Lawyer

The consequences of a dog attack can be life-changing and even fatal. If your child was attacked by a dog, it is essential to take legal action. Not only can you possibly obtain compensation to help you pay for your child’s medical expenses, pain, and suffering, but you may be able to save another child from the same fate. Call the Plainfield, IL dog attack injury lawyer with Flaherty Law today at 815-577-7500. 



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