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What Measures Can I Take to Drive Safely in Illinois This Winter?

 Posted on November 15,2019 in Car Accidents

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With winter weather already in motion, it is important to be prepared before getting behind the wheel. The holidays can increase the number of people on the roads, including those who have had a few drinks before operating their vehicles. You may not be able to control the weather, but taking additional safety measures is one way to increase your level of safety on the roads and reduce the risk of serious injury caused by a car accident. This is especially important in Illinois as winter conditions can fluctuate frequently. You may be unprepared for the snow until you find yourself navigating icy roads on your way home from work or visiting family and friends. 

Driving in Snow and Ice

A seasoned driver knows that all weather conditions require slight adjustments for the person behind the wheel, and snow and ice are no exception. The following tips can help you arrive at your destination safely this winter:

  1. Avoid quick movements - Driving smoothly is a key way of avoiding sliding on the roads. You may be used to making quick turns or fast steering wheel motions to avoid other drivers, but this can only increase your chances of getting into an accident. Keeping your steering wheel motions, acceleration, and braking smoothly and consistently can help you avoid causing a collision.

  2. Watch for flashing lights - Most cars have traction sensors to warn drivers about their lack of traction ahead of time. This is known as the stability control system. If you are accelerating in a straight line and notice that this alarm light is blinking, this is the system warning you that the tires are slipping on the road. The best way to help the tires regain their grip is by easing up on the accelerator rather than hitting the brakes.

  3. Slow down if you start to slide - One of the biggest mistakes that drivers can make when they hit a patch of ice is to hit the brakes. This is an instinctive movement; however, it only increases the lack of traction. If you notice that your front wheels are skidding, ease off the gas. If your back wheels are sliding and you think you might spin out, turn the steering wheel in the direction that the rear is sliding to help them regain traction.

  4. Increase your following distance - This is an easy way to prevent a fender-bender on icy roads. Whenever there is snow on the ground, all drivers should increase the distance between them and the car in front of them. This will give you more room to slow down before braking in case you feel your car skidding rather than stopping.

  5. Watch for hills - A change in elevation can be the most difficult thing to combat as a driver when the hill is covered in ice. Many drivers instinctively speed up in an attempt to get over the hill; however, this can cause your tires to spin and lose any traction that they may have had. Once you reach the top, it is important to reduce your speed to avoid sliding into cars in front of you.

Contact a Plainfield, IL Car Accident Attorney

Driving in the winter can be a harrowing experience and the number of accidents significantly increases as the weather becomes unpredictable. At Flaherty Law, LLC, our skilled attorneys defend those who have been injured while driving, regardless of the weather conditions. While we understand that winter roads can be difficult to navigate, we believe that those who are injured should be compensated for their injuries. If you have been hurt by the negligent actions of another driver, contact our dedicated Will County personal injury lawyers at 815-577-7500 for a free consultation.




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