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Severe Hip Injuries Continue to Impact Senior Citizens

Posted on May 11, 2018 in Nursing Home Negligence

Plainfield nursing home neglect attorneyAccording to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 300,000 Americans over the age of 65 are hospitalized due to a severe hip injury each year. As one reaches an advanced age, the severity of a hip injury increases exponentially. Even a standard hip fracture can bring on serious and even life-threatening complications to those over the age of 65. In almost all cases, hip fractures require surgery and months of laborious physical therapy. 

For senior citizens, hip fractures can occur anywhere, but they are almost always brought on by a fall. The CDC estimates that more than 95% of all hip fracture injuries to those above the age of 65 occur due to falling. In many cases, these falls can occur because of negligence, such as icy or wet sidewalks outside an establishment or neglect by a nursing home staff member

Symptoms and Complications of a Hip Fracture 

When a person over the age of 65 suffers a severe hip injury or fracture, identifying the injury promptly can be key to the recovery process. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of a hip fracture include stiffness and bruising in the hip area, severe hip and groin soreness, lack of mobility, and an inability to apply weight on the injured hip.  

Recognizing the symptoms of a hip fracture can be the first step to getting the victim the treatment they need. If victims are unable to begin the physical therapy process, dangerous complications can occur. These complications can include life-threatening blood clots, painful bed sores, pneumonia, and severe muscle loss. 

Negligence Leading to a Fall

Recovering from a hip fracture can be an incredibly trying process for senior citizens, and in many cases, these injuries can occur due to the negligence of a business or nursing home. 

An example of negligence at an establishment includes a person slipping on wet tile floors at the grocery store. It is possible that the store owner was negligent in marking or cleaning the spill and did not do everything in their power to limit the likelihood of an accident. This would be a violation of Illinois premises liability laws, which require business owners to eliminate dangers and obstacles that could endanger patrons of their establishment. 

If your family member suffers a hip injury at their nursing home, the injury could also be caused by negligence. If a nursing home is providing an occupant with a mixture of medication that increases dizziness and fatigue, they may be liable for the injury. If a caretaker was supposed to be watching your loved one and was not on scene during the fall, the nursing home may be liable for passive negligence. 

Contact a Plainfield Personal Injury Lawyer  

For those over the age of 65, recovering from a hip fracture can be a demoralizing and debilitating process. At Flaherty Law, LLC, we have years of experience helping families get through the aftermath of a serious injury to a loved one. If a member of your family has suffered a serious injury, contact a knowledgeable Will County personal injury attorney today. Call 815-577-7500 to schedule a free consultation.


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