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Illinois Senate Committee Discusses Nursing Home Reforms

 Posted on January 25,2022 in Nursing Home Negligence

nursing home negligenceResidents of Illinois nursing homes have long faced challenges in getting the standard of care they are entitled to by law. High staff turnover, low pay, overcrowded rooms, inadequate staffing, and other cost-cutting measures put stress on staff and place residents at risk of nursing home abuse and neglect. Recently, some of these challenges have been explored by the Illinois Senate Health Committee, which last month weighed in on a new payment structure meant to incentivize better staffing and quality of care. 

Poor Payment Structure Leads to Adverse Outcomes

Many fear that Illinois’ current payment model continues to allow Medicaid dollars to essentially fund profits for facility owners while allowing low regulatory compliance and underpaid and overworked staff. In turn, this leads to lower standards of care for residents with serious consequences for their health and well-being. Although it remains to be seen whether Illinois will improve its payment models and successfully incentivize better standards of care, in the meantime, Illinois residents with loved ones in nursing homes should be familiar with common types of nursing home neglect and abuse. 

Injuries Caused by Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect in Illinois

It may be painful to think about a loved elder being abused or neglected, but being on the alert for signs of abuse or neglect can help stop it from happening and could even prevent it in the future. Some of the most common issues that affect nursing home residents include: 

  • Injuries from inadequate staffing, such as bedsores, falls, fractures, and malnutrition

  • Injuries from substandard medical care, including sepsis and other infections, breathing tube injuries, and medications

  • Wandering or elopement due to inadequate supervision and safety measures

  • Staff abuse, such as hitting, slapping, choking, sexual abuse, or unreasonable restraint

  • Abuse from other residents, such as theft, sexual assault, and harassment

Families of loved ones who may have experienced these issues should be on the lookout for the following symptoms: 

  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, or abrasions 

  • Sudden or unusual loss of memory

  • Insomnia or the inability to wake up

  • Strange or uncharacteristic spending or bank account withdrawals

  • Repeated infections or illnesses

  • Sudden and severe weight loss 

Meet with a Will County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Few things can be as disturbing for family members as learning that a loved one has suffered harm because of mistreatment or neglect at a nursing home. Attorney Dan Flaherty believes in protecting the rights and safety of nursing home residents, and he works with families to address any issues that may affect a person’s health and safety. To learn how our firm can help you take action to address these issues, contact our Plainfield nursing home negligence attorney at 815-577-7500 and set up a free consultation today.




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