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I Got Hurt in an Illinois Bar Fight - Can I Take Action? 

 Posted on May 16,2022 in Personal Injury

plainfield injury lawyerBars in Illinois are mostly places for harmless nights of fun with friends. People like to gather in bars to watch their favorite Chicago sports teams or just to sit back and relax after a long workweek. Unfortunately, not every trip to the bar ends on good terms. While most patrons mind their own business, some people struggle to control themselves under the influence of alcohol. Lowered inhibitions make disputes over even minor disagreements more likely; an audience of eager onlookers will often egg on an otherwise unlikely fight. 

Unlike in movies, where bar fights result in the good guy leaving triumphant and the bad guys laying still on the floor, bar fights in real life can cause serious injuries that require time-consuming and expensive treatment. If you have been assaulted in a bar fight, you may want to hold the party who injured you responsible in a personal injury lawsuit. 

Common Injuries Caused By Illinois Bar Fights

Because bars are full of glass and lightweight furniture, injuries from items that are thrown or smashed can be serious and even life-threatening. Other injuries resulting from physical contact with another person can be just as serious; facial injuries are among the most common and often require extensive reconstructive surgery to minimize long-term scarring and disfigurement. Other injuries include, but are not limited to: 

  • Lacerations from broken glass 

  • Fractured hands 

  • Concussions

  • Back injuries 

  • Broken bones 

  • Brain injuries

  • Vision loss 

Is a Bar Responsible For Allowing Someone to Get Too Drunk? 

Common sense dictates that the person who caused your injuries is the person you can hold responsible in a lawsuit. However, the bar staff or owner may also be responsible for your injuries in a number of ways. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Serving alcohol to someone who is clearly drunk

  • Failing to remove drunk or aggressive patrons 

  • Bouncers who are too aggressive with patrons 

  • Overcrowding 

  • Wet or obstructed floors that cause patrons to trip, slip, or fall when trying to avoid a barfight

Schedule a Consultation with a Will County Personal Injury Lawyer

Bar fights may be entertaining in movies, but in real life, they can lead to serious injuries with lasting consequences. If you have been injured in a bar fight and are wondering whether you can take action, schedule a free initial consultation with Plainfield, IL personal injury attorney Dan Flaherty at Flaherty Law. We will keep track of the extent of your injuries and investigate to find out who is responsible. Put our experience and knowledge to work for you; call us at 815-577-7500 today. 



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