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How Improperly Secured Cargo Can Lead to Truck Accidents

Posted on August 05, 2021 in Truck Accidents

plainfield truck crash lawyerTractor-trailer trucks and other commercial vehicles are much larger and heavier than passenger cars and trucks. This means that when truck accidents occur, people in other vehicles are much more likely to be seriously injured. There are many potential causes of semi-truck accidents, and one issue that is often overlooked is the danger of cargo that is not properly secured on a truck. Following a cargo-related truck accident, multiple parties may be liable for the injuries suffered by the victims.

Liability for Cargo-Related Truck Accidents

When cargo is loaded on a truck, it should be properly distributed in the truck’s bed or trailer, and it should be tied down or secured to ensure that it does not shift during transit. There are multiple ways in which cargo that was not loaded properly can lead to truck accidents, including:

  • Cargo that is not distributed correctly may cause a truck to become unbalanced. With too much weight on one side or near the front or back of a trailer, a truck driver may lose control when going around curves, and this could potentially lead to a rollover accident. Improperly distributed cargo can also affect the traction of a truck, making it more difficult for a driver to slow down properly.

  • Cargo that shifts during transit may cause balance issues, affecting a driver’s ability to control their vehicle.

  • Cargo that is not properly secured may fall from a truck. If cargo lands on another vehicle, the driver and passengers may suffer serious injuries. Cargo that falls into the roadway can also cause obstacles, and accidents may occur if drivers swerve or brake suddenly to avoid these items.

When accidents occur because of loose, unsecured, or falling cargo, multiple parties may be liable. A truck driver is responsible for ensuring that their vehicle is safe, including ensuring that cargo is loaded and secured properly. A driver and the trucking company that employs them may be held liable for failing to inspect their truck and its cargo before and during a trip. A company responsible for loading cargo onto a truck may also be liable for the failure to follow the correct procedures. If cargo securement equipment failed, the manufacturer of these defective products may also be held liable.

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Following a truck accident, a skilled and experienced attorney can investigate the circumstances of the collision and determine who was responsible for the injuries suffered by victims. At Flaherty Law, LLC, we can help you pursue compensation from a negligent truck driver, trucking company, or any other parties who were responsible for your injuries and damages. Contact our Will County truck accident lawyer at 815-577-7500 to set up your free consultation.



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