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How Can I Prove a Vehicle’s Tire Defect Caused an Accident in Which I Was Injured? 

 Posted on October 27,2022 in Car Accidents

plainfield car accident lawyerMany different things can cause car accidents, but one of the most common reasons cars and trucks crash is tire damage. Semi-trucks, especially, have heavy loads that bear down with great pressure on many tires, potentially exposing the vehicles around them to the risk of tires blowing, shredding, or otherwise breaking and causing serious accidents. 

Tire accidents can be especially difficult to prevent because the average person may not know when their tires are too worn to be used safely, leading them to inadvertently cause an accident through improper tire maintenance. Other times, serious injuries are caused when a tire manufacturer makes a defective tire, causing it to malfunction while in use. Still other crashes happen when truck drivers, inspectors, or cargo companies fail to appropriately inspect and maintain commercial trucks. If you were in a car accident because another driver’s tire blew out or shredded in the roadway, it is important to be able to prove this was the cause of the crash. 

Common Tire Defects and How to Prove They Caused a Crash

Although car crashes caused by tire issues can happen for many reasons, the most common include: 

  • Uneven wear

  • An impact break or bulge 

  • Sidewall indentation

  • Tread separation 

  • Missing components or loose lug nuts

  • Cuts and punctures 

  • Using the wrong size of tires

  • Driving on bald tires 

  • Driving on tires inappropriate for weather or driving conditions 

Proving that an accident was caused by a tire issue can be fairly straightforward in some cases, such as when a truck tire blows off and strikes a passenger vehicle. Other times, it can be very difficult to prove. Getting possession of the tire alleged to have caused the accident is usually essential for proving tire claims. With the support of the police report and a crash reconstruction team, an attorney may also be able to determine the cause of a crash using dashcam footage, photos, tire marks in the road, and more. 

Contact a Plainfield, IL Trucking Accident Lawyer

After getting hurt or losing a loved one in a trucking accident, you may not want to begin a personal injury lawsuit right away. However, statutes of limitations apply in Illinois and waiting too long after your accident can make it very difficult to obtain the evidence necessary to bring a successful lawsuit. Fortunately, Flaherty Law, LLC can help. Our experienced Will County car crash attorney can conduct a thorough investigation and determine whether the evidence suggests you may have the potential for a successful claim. We do not charge for consultations. Call us today at 815-577-7500




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