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Dog Bite Injuries Can Come With Serious Ramifications

 Posted on September 25,2018 in Personal Injury

Plainfield dog bite lawyerIn the state of Illinois, one in every three households owns a dog. While dogs are known as our loyal friends, they actually can be quite dangerous. In 2016 alone, 31 Americans were killed by dog bites. While the amount of fatal dog attacks remains fairly low, dog bite injuries are quite common. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 800,000 Americans are hospitalized for dog bites each year. If you or are a family member are bitten by a dog, it is important to contact medical personnel as quickly as possible. 

The True Impact of a Dog Bite

While the vast majority of dog bite wounds heal within a matter of weeks, some injuries can be incredibly severe and even fatal.

Injuries to Children: Due to their small stature and inability to recognize behavioral cues, small children face increased risk of severe injury in dog attacks. Approximately 42% of all Americans killed by dog bites in 2016 were children nine years of age or younger. Additionally, infants between the ages of three and six days old made up 31% of all fatal dog bite victims. If your young children are in the presence of a dog, it is crucial to keep a watchful eye. 

Infection: Infections are some of the leading health complications that can come in the aftermath of a dog bite. After extensive studies, the Mayo Clinic found that rabies and tetanus are the most common infections resulting from dog bites. Symptoms of infections include swelling, prolonged pain, oozing, and red skin surrounding the wound. If you suffer an open wound from a dog bite, it is entirely possible that you may face a serious infection. In the moments after an attack, seek immediate medical attention.

Dangerous Dog Breeds

While any animal can be provoked into attacking a human, some dog breeds are known for their aggression, and none more so than pit bulls. There are a number of dog breeds that fall on the list of bully-dog breeds, but pit bulls seem to be the most discussed. Despite the fact that pit bulls only make up approximately 5% of the U.S. dog population, they are responsible for a disproportionate amount of the dog bites throughout America. Studies conducted by the CDC found that roughly 3.7 million Americans were bitten by dogs in 2017. 

Set Up a Consultation With a Plainfield Personal Injury Lawyer

At Flaherty Law, LLC, we fully understand the trauma of a dog attack. Dog bites can cause severe muscle injuries, dangerous infections, and even death. If you or a member of your family have been injured in a dog attack, it is important to find legal help and learn about your options for pursuing compensation that will address the damages you have suffered. To set up a free consultation with a Will County dog bite injury attorney, call us today at 815-577-7500. 


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